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Our family believes that we can take care of what you don’t want AND what you do want when it comes to renting in Tokyo. You see, we’ve rented both residential and office space in Tokyo before and know how confusing and frustrating it can be. Now, years later, we own a nice 35-apartment residential building in quiet, leafy Koganei City in West Tokyo with a variety of room sizes and styles to offer. We also own a smaller, 6-floor commercial building in the prestigious business district of Ginza, just 6 minutes walk from Higashi Ginza Station and the Hibiya line, with 45 square meters of clean space on each floor licensed for shops and offices.

For our office building, we’ve teamed up with the awesome ProWorks Group to provide an optional ready-to-go office package with everything in it from office equipment & furniture to Internet and phone systems plus full IT support, so you can just walk in the door and start working without having to do a thing.

NEW! And now we also have two Australian properties on offer, which we also own. The top floor of Hibiscus On The Beach in sunny Main Beach, which rents out on a nightly basis, and the top floor of Kelvin Grove Village in Brisbane City, which rents out on yearly basis.

So let us give you current details and prices for our rental properties. Simply scroll down to the bottom of this page and drop us any questions or comments you might have via the comment box, or just email us directly at info@tokyorental.net.


Ginza Kato Building, Ginza, Central Tokyo

View Ginza Kato Building in a larger map

Ginza Kato Bld Floor Map


¥48,000 ~ ¥52,000/month

Village Koganei, Koganei City, West Tokyo

View Village Koganei in a larger map

Village Koganei Floor Map


$200 ~ $300/night

Hibiscus On The Beach, Main Beach, Gold Coast

View Hibiscus On The Beach in a larger map

Hibiscus Floor Map


Kelvin Grove Village, Kelvin Grove, Brisbane

View Kelvin Grove Village in a larger map

Kelvin Grove Village Floor Map

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What you do want is
Owners, not real estate agents, who speak English natively and who treat you with the respect you deserve.
Documentation in clear English and a rental agreement that is backed by the law.
Assurance that what you see is indeed what you get, and help in English just a phone call away should you need it.
What you don't want is
Real estate agents who won't deal with you even if you speak Japanese, or can't understand you if you don't.
Confusing documentation that you must sign which could come back to haunt you later.
Rental space that was not what you thought you were getting, and no-one to talk to about it.
Who is this web site for?
Individuals and small families: You speak English and you are looking for easy, clean accommodation for at least a year. You'd like to live a little out of town because you know it's much healthier and cheaper for you.
Start Ups: You know you can build a truly great company if you can just no fuss, down town office space to operate from. Like all start ups, your budget is tight so affordability is key.
Small Business Owners: As a retail shop, restaurant or bar owner you need to be in a good location with plenty of business traffic. You are way too busy to be dealing with difficult landlords because there are customers to serve.

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  • Anonymous

    Hi, I will just leave my e-mail address and see what kind of offer you would come up with for Apt. in May.

    • Robert

      Hi there, and thanks for posting. In Japan, I’m afraid all 35 of our apartments in Tokyo are fully booked in May! In Australia, we can offer you our high rise apartment on the Gold Coast for approximately $200/night. What was it that you were looking for? Just email us at info@tokyorental.net if you wish.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I’m looking for office space to rent. How much is the rent at your Ginza property?

    • Robert

      Hi there, we’ll send out full details soon, but I can tell you now that the 5th and 6th floors of our building in Ginza are each available for ¥185,640/month rent + ¥40,800/month maintenance and cleaning, coming to ¥217,600/month before tax. That’s for 45 square metres of office space including a bathroom and a small kitchen. Please stay tuned for more details!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been looking for an apartment in Tokyo for a long time. Looking forward to your quick service and good advice.

    • Robert

      You can count on it! Just sign up to the waiting list above and we’ll let you know as soon as we have everything ready. Won’t be long now!

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Looks great! When can I get some information on rent prices?

    • Robert

      Hi. We should have a full price list by the middle of May, which we’ll email out to everyone who has subscribed to the waiting list above. Stay tuned!